Thank you for stopping by my website. If it’s your first time, I hope you see something you like and that you are able to get most of your questions answered. If you are returning, welcome back and thanks for stopping by.

If you’ve taken time to read one of my books or my Salt, Light & Witnesses blog thank you so much. I hope you’ll find this website to be a source of reassurance, encouragement and inspiration.

I am a writer of “urban Christian fiction,” meaning that most if not all of my characters engage in “very normal behavior.”  I write stories about people who are flawed, but they love and serve a flawless God. In other words sometimes they fight, get violent, call each other names, and do some not so nice stuff, all the things that normal people do. Some of them upon initial introduction are not saved, but weaved into their journey is an encounter with the King of Kings. We (not any of us) come to God perfect. We all have had our times of falling back, stepping away or falling down, but we have to stay in the race and endure to the end. My characters are determined to endure to the end. I hope by the end of each of my books you feel the whole gamut of emotions as they tie to the total human experience.

While you’re here, please take time to sign my guestbook and share your thoughts. Also visit my Twitter and Facebook pages and add me as a friend, so that we can stay in touch regularly.


Thanks so much for your support – you make the writing so worthwhile!


Warmest Regards,




8 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Cassandra, I am looking forward to getting to know you and reading your books. May our great God continue to use you mightily.

  2. I enjoy your blog very much and sometime down the road I’ll get to one of your books. Your truly a wise and Godly lady may our Father continue to use and bless you as you touch the hearts of HIS kids. Robert

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