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The Summer of Wrath

Please enjoy the book trailer ( video) for the book The Summer of Wrath~

Wilson stopped believing in God a long time ago. 

Devastated after his father is killed in the line of duty. He assumes the task of guardian and protector of his mother and two sisters. Tormented by the kidnapping of his baby sister he unleashes a caustic and damaging wrath that will lead him down a path of destruction and annihilation. Nothing is off limits, persecution, beatings, torture. Wilson’s destructive nature consumes him almost to the brink of madness as darkness devours his soul. 

Natasha is the all American girl next door. She is beautiful, intelligent and charismatic, with a bright future ahead of her. All of that is changed in an instant when she is abducted on her way to her college campus. 
Shayla Jacobs has been in love with Wilson ever since she was a teenager. She remembers what God promised her, and she refuses stand by and watch the man she loves destroyed by wrath, anger and rage. 

This story of faith, hope and redemption reveals the internal struggle against the external forces of darkness as one man comes to terms with God’s grace, mercy and love before he can find his sister. 

The Summer of Wrath is a captivating, gritty look into human trafficking and the lengths one brother is willing to go to find his sister. 

The Summer of Wrath is the first of the seven book series The Seven Deadly Sins


The Summer of Wrath.