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Stand Your Ground- Victoria Christopher Murray

VCM book5 Star Read- I found myself making statements on my facebook page while reading this book such as, “Victoria Christopher Murray’s New book Stand Your Ground has opened with a throw a flip flop at your cousin bang…..smh @ her.”
“I can’t believe Victoria Christopher Murray has me standing in these people living room with my heart constricting and tears rolling down my face- Stand Your Ground Novel… I feel like I have a stingray barb in my chest and its slowly twisting the life out of me….”
This book is so good, I think I experienced every emotion known to man. I felt sad, angry and scared, for the characters in the book, but for my two grown sons as well.
There were other scenes that made me happy and excited, but you’ll have to read the book to find out what those were.
Tyrone and Janice Johnson will not stop until they find out what exactly happened to their son.
Wyatt Spencer will spare no expense to keep the truth hidden.
But the real story is between Janice and Meredith and how the two women cope with one act of violence that shatters both of their worlds.
Please pick up this book when it is released June 30th. I highly recommend this novel, then I highly recommend you go have a talk with your son or daughter about Stand Your Ground.