Pre order Available for As I Live & Breathe

As I Live & Breathe full nameCan Natasha put her ghosts behind her to discover that God’s love can transcend even the worst of crimes?

For Natasha Johnson life will never be the same again. Strong willed, smart and beautiful, college student Natasha had it all. That is, until she was kidnapped by human traffickers. Natasha has spent the last three months in a desperate fight for her faith and for her life. After surviving every woman’s worst nightmare, she is left broken, battered and pregnant. Haunted by frightening flashbacks and vivid sounds of women screaming and brutal beatings she struggles to regain control of her life.  Unwilling to carry her baby to term, she makes the heart wrenching decision to terminate her pregnancy. In the days to follow, she struggles with unspeakable feelings of sorrow, and shame and the opinions of “church folk.”


Malcolm tall, dark and handsome feels an intense connection to Natasha and is willing to lay it all on the line to keep her safe. Can he help her to discover that forgiveness is the key that opens the door for God’s redemptive love?

2 thoughts on “Pre order Available for As I Live & Breathe

  1. Good Morning Ms. Durham,
    I was wondering if this book is available. I just finished Summer Wrath and I absolutely LOVED IT. I am so ready to start the next book. Is the above title available for sale? Is this the second installment to the Seven Deadly Sins series? If so, how do I order them? May God continue to bless your gift in Jesus name. Amen


    • Good Morning Kesha, thank you so much for reading the Summer of Wrath. I have taken As I Live and Breathe off the market because The Summer of Wrath is now under contract with Brown Girls Faith. For this,I am super excited. But since you asked… I am going to send a pdf copy of As I Live and Breathe to you, in fact, it should get there shortly. I pray that you are blessed by Natasha’s story. Feel free to drop me a line here after reading. Thank you so much for your support! God bless.

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