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Suffering, But Not Stopped!

tough decisions  Day Three

What Faith Can Do ~ Faith say’s to us we’re suffering, but not stopped


Daily Reading: Luke 8:48 And he said unto her, Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.


The book of Acts is an amazing testament to the power of the Holy Ghost. It is also an amazing testament and example of suffering that the disciples experienced while spreading the gospel. Why is it that we think that by coming to Christ, our days of suffering are over? Why it that we are somehow convinced that now, since we have joined team Jesus, that He (Jesus) did all the suffering for us while on the cross? When we come to God, we are telling the devil, “I no longer belong to you”, which means he (the devil) is going to do anything to get you back, and the devil always means business. The devil is going to use your co-workers to try to get you to cuss and act a fool. The devil is going to make the smoke break area seem so attractive (After all, that’s where all your work friends hang out at). The devil is going to have the teachers at school messing with your children. The devil is going to at-tack your finances. The devil is going to cause someone to want to fight you. Every-thing that he does will be an attempt to essentially put out your light for Christ. Do not let the suffering stop you. Consider the disciples in the book of Acts; they were stripped, beaten, imprisoned, locked in dungeons, faced mobs, but they did not let that prohibit them from preaching the gospel. The suffering at the cross did not stop Jesus. The Word of God cannot be stopped, nor will it be stopped because we didn’t hold up our end of the blood-stained banner; it just means it may be delayed. So when your suffering time comes, don’t let it stop the light of God from shining through. Don’t let it stop the Gospel from being spread!!



Prayer of Praise: Lord, thank You for all that You’ve done and for all that You are. It is because of Your redemptive work on the cross that we are all able to endure our suffering and hardness as good soldiers.


Thought for the Day: I may be suffering, but I am certainly not stopped!

Copyright © 2013 by Cassandra Baker Durham

Excerpt taken from the book Fully Constrained: What Faith Can Do by Cassandra Baker Durham